U.S. Health Track Requirements

GPHAP-Grad-Group-PhotoSupporting interdisciplinary professionals to become innovators in U.S. health care


We witness amazing advances in health care all the time. However, despite these transformative improvements, health care in the United States still costs too much, and quality, access, and equity are not assured. The issues facing health care are so complex and broad that they require a robust, multi-disciplinary approach and a willingness to explore new models to fully deal with them. The University of Chicago has recognized this and has therefore created a unique health policy and administration program that draws on students and faculty from business, law, medicine, policy, and social services.

I now truly believe that the best, most innovative, and impactful solutions have to come from interdisciplinary teams that build on the strengths of different healthcare fields.

– Alumnus, Booth/Pritzker

The Required Course Sequence

1.  U.S. Health System & Policy (SSAD 47522) taken during the Spring Quarter of 1st year

  1. Key Issues in Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Case Studies Approach (SSAD 46622)  taken during Spring Quarter of 2nd year
  2. Two health electives from a campus wide list of approved electives.


For more information regarding the GPHAP Capstone Course, Key Issues in Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Case Studies Approach (SSAD 46622), click here.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the coursework describe above, all GPHAP students must fulfill the core requirements of their respective schools, a practicum, and also co-curricular activities. Learn more about the GPHAP program as a whole by clicking here.