Research Assistantships

GPHAP encourages collaboration between students and faculty interested in health administration and policy. To this end, GPHAP sponsors internships and research assistant positions for health-related research.

GPHAP provides funding for up to 100 hours per student per academic year. By providing funding for the initial work, it is hoped that GPHAP’s¬†research assistant and internship program will connect students to faculty involved with health related activities and facilitate longer termed projects. This is a great opportunity to not only earn some extra money, but to:

  • deepen student’s health care knowledge and skills;
  • develop student’s understanding and skills in research methodology;
  • establish relationships with faculty who may be outside student’s own program;
  • fulfill the GPHAP practicum requirement; and
  • strengthen student’s resume.

Each year new projects are identified. GPHAP students are eligible to apply for positions throughout the academic year until the budgeted stipends are all awarded.