About the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP)


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Preparing Interdisciplinary Leaders in Health

The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP), housed in the School of Social Service Administration, has assembled a rich and diverse set of intellectual resources from across the university for students who are looking to make an impact in the health care field. The next generation of health care leaders will require not only a diverse skill set and an entrepreneurial spirit, but deep interdisciplinary training in health care systems—the kind of world-renowned training offered at the University of Chicago—in order to tackle the health care policy, program and management issues of today.

GPHAP is unique among health programs in the United States in recognizing this, and draws students out of silos to connect and blend their expertise to solve the complex problems of our time. GPHAP enables students to earn either a Certificate in Health Administration and Policy or a Certificate in Health Administration and Policy with a Concentration in Global Health, while earning a degree in one of the participating graduate schools on campus: The Booth School of Business, the Harris School of Public Policy, The Law School, the Pritzker School of Medicine, and the School of Social Service Administration.


About the GPHAP Logo

This logo utilizes the name of the program as the icon. The GPHAP letters are linked with a connecting wave-graphic that is often seen in scientific endeavors. The logo represents the five schools coming together with their unique thoughts, connectivity, and  community, with one curve for every school. The wave represents collaboration, teamwork, and interdisciplinary studies.