The Ray E. Brown Fellowship

The Ray E. Brown Fellowship is awarded to one incoming GPHAP student from each of the participating schools. The applicants are considered based on their commitment and passion to the health care field, their demonstrated understanding of the value of interdisciplinary, collaborative approaches, and the student’s ability and willingness to take a leadership role in the program. The Ray E. Brown Recruitment Fellowship application is integrated with the GPHAP application. Students apply for the Ray E. Brown Recruitment Fellowship at the time they apply for GPHAP.

Serving as a Brown Fellow is another opportunity to engage in an interdisciplinary way with students from the other schools that participate in GPHAP.  Each cohort of Brown Fellows works together to plan a series of three events for the GPHAP community. These events could be panel discussions, single speaker events, or some other activity for GPHAP students. The first event is in the Spring Quarter of the student’s first year, and the second and third events would be in the Fall and Winter Quarters of the second year. The Brown Fellows would be the first ones contacted by the GPHAP Director to ask questions about student availability, or to answer other questions about student life at the various schools participating in GPHAP. The stipend for Brown Fellows is $1000, with the first half paid in the Spring Quarter of the first year, and the second half paid in the second the Spring Quarter of the second year.

2023 Brown Fellows:

  • Christian Fernandez, Crown
  • Emma He, Pritzker
  • Julia Higgins, Harris
  • Kate Sohn, Booth

2022 Brown Fellows:

  • Yuki Chong, Harris
  • Alice Thompson, Law
  • Kaley Wendorf, Booth

2021 Brown Fellows:

  • Nadalyn Bangura, Crown
  • Rebecca Delay, Harris
  • Sabrina Wang, Pritzker
  • Jay Yarlagadda, Booth

2020 Brown Fellows:

  • Vanessa Li, Harris
  • Valerie Otti, Pritzker
  • Nicole Villarreal, Booth
  • Alexandrea Wilson, Crown

2019 Brown Fellows:

  • Vanessa Buie, Booth
  • Jinglin Fu, Harris
  • Catherine Pellerin, Law

2018 Brown Fellows:

  • Michelle Agunloye, Crown
  • Sara Rahim, Harris
  • Steven Server, Pritzker

2017 Brown Fellows:

  • Rachael Mazzella Zukus, Booth
  • Christine Head, Crown
  • Riddhima Mishra, Harris
  • Ben Bowman, Pritzker

2016 Brown Fellows:

  • Melissa Whitney, Harris
  • Sue Kim, Booth
  • Xavier Ramirez, Crown
  • Dylan Cowart, Law
  • Ellen Richmond, Pritzker

2015 Brown Fellows:

  • Salwa Shameem, Harris
  • Priyanka Karandikar, Booth
  • Eleni Gaveras, Crown
  • Nathan Maxwell, Law
  • Lea Hoefer, Pritzker

2014 Brown Fellows:

  • Antonia Bernhardt, Harris
  • Kevin Stephens, Booth
  • Toni Sadler, Crown
  • Nick Graves, Pritzker

2013 Brown Fellows:

  • Poppy Coleman, Harris
  • Cindy Nguyen, Booth
  • Heidi Ortolaza-Alvear, Crown

2012 Brown Fellows:

  • Helen Ning, Harris
  • Shantanu Nundy, Booth
  • Brielle Treece, Crown

2011 Brown Fellows:

  • Benjamin Galick, Harris
  • Angela Aifah, Crown