Participating Schools

GPHAP allows students to earn either a Certificate in Health Administration and Policy or a Certificate in Health Administration and Policy with a Concentration in Global Health, while earning a degree in one of the participating graduate schools on campus: The Booth School of Business, the Harris School of Public Policy, the Law School, the Pritzker School of Medicine, and the Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice.   GPHAP is proud to be housed in the Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

By drawing students as well as faculty from business, public policy, law, medicine, social work, and social service administration, GPHAP has assembled one of the richest and most diverse sets of intellectual resources available to students who wish to enter the field of health care management and policy.

Health care organizations need individuals with vision and judgment to face various economic, ethical, and social issues as well as the financial demands of this complex field. As health care professionals encounter the challenges of today’s health care environment, the connection between administration and policy becomes stronger. Managers need to understand health care policy just as policymakers need to understand the operating environment of health care providers. Thus, the demand for health care professionals has broadened as the field has become more diverse, encompassing new environments, alliances, and models of care.

The next generation of health care leaders will require not only a diverse skill set, but deep interdisciplinary training in policy, management, finance, and social service delivery—the kind of training offered at the University of Chicago—in order to tackle the health care management issues of today.

Harris School of Public Policy

Harris Public PolicyFor more than 25 years, the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy has been redefining what it means to be a public policy school, shifting the conception of public policy from an ideology, reliant on politics and pedigree, to a science, rooted in data and impact.

Today, we live in a transformative era for public policy, where this distinctive point of view is needed more than ever.

At a time when trust in public institutions is fragile, Harris is leading the way to smarter decision making and better policymaking, training a new generation of leaders who are driven to change the world and know that making a social impact requires fresh thinking and different approaches.

Five principles guide us in this important mission—to develop leaders who put evidence first—as we seek to advance policy through the best science of our day.

Booth School of Business

Chicago Booth School of BusinessAs part of the University of Chicago, Booth shares this world-renowned university’s core values, which shape its distinctive intellectual culture. At Chicago Booth, students constantly question, test ideas, and seek proof. This extraordinarily effective approach to business leads to new ideas and innovative solutions. In fact, seven faculty members have won Nobel Prizes for these ideas.

Booth is proud to claim:

  • An unmatched faculty.
  • Degree and open enrollment programs offered on three continents.
  • A global body of more than 51,000 accomplished alumni.
  • Strong and growing corporate relationships that provide a wealth of lifelong career opportunities.

Since 1898, Booth has produced ideas and leaders that shape the world of business. Today, Booth empowers bold thinkers and inquisitive minds to dig deeper, discover more, and shape the future.


The Law School

The Law SchoolThe University of Chicago Law School occupies a unique niche among this country’s premier law schools. Located on a residential campus in one of America’s great cities, Chicago offers a rigorous and interdisciplinary professional education that blends the study of law with the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. Students, faculty, and staff form a small, tightly knit community devoted to the life of the mind. Learning is participatory. Chicago does not seek to impose a single viewpoint or style of thought on its students. Instead, our faculty exposes students to contrasting views, confident in students’ abilities to choose their own paths.

More about the School:

Pritzker School of Medicine

Pritzker School of MedicineIn size, geographic location, and organizational structure, in the diversity of the student body and the strong bonds with the community, the Pritzker School of Medicine offers a unique environment for medical education.

The Pritzker School of Medicine is one of few medical schools to be located physically on its University campus, offering both intellectual and social advantages to students who spend their medical school years within a vibrant, multidisciplinary intellectual community. Most importantly the opportunity for collaborative research and study is outstanding: all divisions of the University and its professional schools are located within steps of the hospital, as are the extensive biological and physical sciences research laboratories, thus providing a rich array of opportunities for medical students.

Crown Family  School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice

For over 100 years, the University of Chicago Crown School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice has defined the fields of social work and social welfare. Its “Founding Mothers” were among the first to use social research and community data to inform the care and counseling of the most vulnerable members of society, and this integrated academic approach —using research to inform practice and policy—continues to distinguish the Crown Family School today. The Crown Family School differs from other graduate schools of social work because it challenges students to dig deeper to understand the root causes and human costs of social inequity. The Crown Family School’s mission is to continue to produce the best, most forward-thinking research in social work and social welfare policy and to prepare the best social workers to use those ideas to serve individuals, families and communities in creating a better quality of life. GPHAP is proud to be housed in the Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice.

Additional Partners

Center for Global Health (CGH)
The University of Chicago Center for Global Health (CGH) is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to improving health and well-being through education, research and training, and service in partnership with communities in the United States and around the world. Because so many academic disciplines are needed to address the challenges of global health, CGH leverages the unique institutional strength of the University of Chicago to bring together faculty and students from different schools and programs on campus. Each year, CGH offers summer research opportunities, providing valuable options for GPHAP students on the Global Health Track.

Center for Health Administration Studies (CHAS)
The Center for Health Administration Studies (CHAS) at The University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice has been a leader for over 75 years in research and education in health policy and services. CHAS engages an interdisciplinary and international group of health policy and services researchers on topics of health policy innovation and reform, health and social service integration, health access, cost and quality, behavioral health, global health, and preventive intervention. CHAS focuses on health policy  and service effectiveness for the disadvantaged.