Global Fellowships

GPHAP includes a number of programs designed to give students practical experience and the funds to make such experience affordable. Additionally, the “Center for Global Health: Summer Research Fellowships” are a special opportunity for those pursuing the Global Health Certificate.

Arthur Quern Fellowships

The Quern Endowment awards fellowships to first-year GPHAP students to support summer field work, internships, or independent projects aimed at developing students’ leadership skills in the field of health policy and management. Such projects or internships are designed and initiated by individual students and must be independent of any formal field work assignment, internship, or summer job arranged by one of the professional schools. Innovative projects or new initiatives based in the Chicago area, or those involving some collaboration of the public and private sectors, are especially encouraged, though projects can be conducted outside the Chicago area as well. The objective of the Quern Fellowship is to foster innovative thinking and leadership in GPHAP students who wish to pursue creative and self-initiated health related projects over the summer between their first and second years. All first year, full-time GPHAP students who are in good academic standing and up to date on their GPHAP requirements are eligible to apply. Proposed projects must be student-initiated and not part of a pre-established or existing internship. Interested students must submit a complete application to the GPHAP director by the first Monday after the spring quarter break.

To see a Quern Fellowship write up, click here.

Below are the current and recent Quern fellows.

2017 Quern Fellows

  • Michael Dunn, SSA
  • Shaniqua Ford, SSA

2016 Quern Fellows

  • Dylan Cowart, Law
  • Karen Guo, Harris
  • Ariel Masche, SSA
  • Ellen Richman, Pritzker
  • Olga Sinyavskaya, Pritzker

2015 Quern Fellows

  • Go Wun “Gonnie” Park, Harris
  • Emily Perish, Harris
  • Leila Pree, Harris
  • Nathan Maxwell, Law

2014 Quern Fellows

  • Kara Ingelhart, Law 
  • Kimberley Mbayiwa, SSA
  • Fallon McGraw, Booth/Harris
  • Tonie Sadler, SSA

2013 Quern Fellows

  • Johanna Barry, SSA
  • Keri Raichert Lintz, Harris
  • Felisha Liu, Booth
  • Lauren Wagner, SSA

2012 Quern Fellows

  • Christopher Buckle, Booth
  • Erica Skatvold, Harris

2011 Quern Fellows

  • Angela Aifah, SSA
  • Simone Santiago, Harris/Booth
The Carl A. Erikson Health Care Administration Fellowships

The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy partners with the University of Chicago Medical Center and local primary care clinics to offer GPHAP students a range of summer internships in health care administration. Projects change from year to year but are intended to provide students with a specific experience in health care organization management while exposing them to the broader and complex aspects of health care administration. All full-time GPHAP students are eligible to apply contingent upon both: a) taking the first required GPHAP course, SSA 47512, Introduction to the U.S. Health System, (or the new required course for global health track students, International Perspectives on Social Policy and Practice) during the spring quarter of their first year and b) being current with all GPHAP requirements such as co-curricular summaries. Interested students must complete an Internship Interest Form, typically towards the end of the winter quarter. For more information please contact the GPHAP Director. Below are the current and recent Erikson Fellows: 2017 Erikson Fellows

  • Jackie Buente, SSA – Strategic Planning, University of Chicago Medicine
  • Andrea Magana, Harris – Operational Excellence, University of Chicago Medicine
  • Nina Medoff, Harris/SSA – Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health (Ci3)
  • Riddhima Mishra, Harris – Data Analytics, Center for Quality, University of Chicago Medicine
  • Emily Peterson, SSA – University of Chicago Center for Global Health
  • Nina Pieroni, SSA – Risk Assessment and HIV Prevention, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago Medicine
  • Pimmasone Vongkhamchanh, SSA – Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, University of Chicago Medicine

2016 Erikson Fellows

  • Nora Bergman, SSA – Operational Excellence, University of Chicago Medicine
  • Therese Nelson, SSA – Geriatric Oncology Network of Clinical Care Excellence
  • Sarah Vogel, Harris – Planned Parenthood of Illinois
  • Samantha Yo, SSA – Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health (Ci3)

2015 Erikson Fellows

  • Ellen Byrne, Harris, Graduate Medical Education/Clinical Learning Environment Review
  • Lisa Elliott, SSA, Planned Parenthood of Illinois
  • Priyanka Karandikar, Booth, Operational Excellence
  • Jared Reynolds, SSA, Operational Excellence
  • Hannah Rosenblatt, SSA, Access Community Health Network
  • Mengxin “Ivy” Sun, Harris, Data Analytics
  • Joanna Varghese, SSA, Pediatric Discharge Efficiency and Throughput
  • Shuyang Yu, SSA, 360° Experience In Operational Problem Solving
  • Xuanzhong Wang, Law, Office of the General Counsel

2014 Erikson Fellows

  • Melissa Brown, Harris, Operational Excellence
  • Laura Martin, Harris, Strategic Planning/Women’s Health
  • Katie Mukai, SSA, Nursing Systems Management
  • Angelique Salib, Law, Office of the General Counsel
  • Jessica Schmitt, SSA, Access Community Health Network
  • Floyd Stafford III, SSA, Cook County Health and Hospital Systems

2013 Erikson Fellows

  • Kathryn Berringer, SSA, Emergency Department
  • Kenneth Coleman, SSA, HIV-AIDS/Community Health
  • Yuta Ito, Booth, Operational Excellence
  • Rebecca Neubauer, SSA, Human Resources Department
  • Heidi Ortolara-Alvear, Harris/SSA, Access Community Health
  • Lalitha Vishwanaath, Harris, Operational Excellence

2012 Erikson Fellows

  • Hillary Bray, SSA, Access Community Health Network
  • Anna Dekleva, SSA, Section on Family Planning
  • Gillian Kindel, Harris, Performance Improvement
  • Patrick Maguire, SSA, Human Resources Department
  • Helen Ning, Harris, Operational Excellence
  • Megan Neubauer, SSA, Center for Global Health
  • Brielle Treece, SSA/Harris, Emergency Department
Center for Global Health: Summer Research Fellowships
CGH’s Summer Research Fellowship consists of ten weeks of hands-on experience in Chicago and a partnered site abroad. To read more, click here.
Additional Research Assistantship & Internship Opportunities

The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP) would like to encourage collaboration between students and faculty interested in health policy. To this end, GPHAP sponsors internships and research assistant positions for health-related research. GPHAP provides funding for up to 100 hours per student per academic year. By providing funding for the initial work, it is hoped that GPHAP’s research assistant and internship program will connect students to faculty involved with health related activities and facilitate longer termed projects. This is a great opportunity to not only earn some extra money, but to:

  • deepen student’s health care knowledge and skills;
  • develop student’s understanding and skills in research methodology;
  • establish relationships with faculty who may be outside student’s own program;
  • fulfill the GPHAP practicum requirement; and
  • strengthen student’s resume.

Each quarter new projects are identified, and GPHAP students are eligible to apply for positions throughout the academic year, depending on enrollment levels.